Gabriella Bower

Gabriella Bower is a sophomore studying Journalism and Art History in the College of Arts and Science. She has been working with Washington Square News since her freshman fall semester and is currently the blog editor of Violet Vision, WSN’s Beauty/Style blog. She aspires to be royalty one day, fashion royalty that is. Her icons will forever be a 4 way tie between Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Lauren Conrad, and the Queen B: Blair Waldorf. Gabriella is fluent in movie quotes, sarcasm, and Spanglish. In her free time she loves to binge watch shows on Netflix, play tennis, and exhaust her Starbucks Gold Card. She has always strived to show that fashion is about more than just pretty clothes and pretty faces; that it is actually the ultimate form of self-expression. It is an ongoing battle but like Tswift says “the haters gonna hate hate hate” so Gabriella is excited to be Violet Vision editor and continue to prove the haters wrong! Peace, love, Anna Wintour.



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