Students share their thoughts on studying in D.C.

Drew Murray, CAS junior and intern at Devine Mulvey Longabaugh.

What motivated you to study in NYUDC?

I’ve always been interested in politics and the culture that surrounds and envelops working in politics. So I always assumed after graduation I would come down to D.C. and try and “make it.” D.C. to me has always been what I assume New York City and Los Angeles are to young artists and performers — it’s the mecca of your chosen career path. So, when I heard of NYUDC, I was immediately interested and thought it would be a great test run to see if I could live and survive in D.C. and if politics was truly for me.

Based on your experiences far, would you recommend this site to another student?


Yes, but with that being said I do think NYUDC is for a certain student. This is not like going abroad in Europe where the sites may have a general focus, but are really open for all students. NYUDC is very politics-focused, also the journalism here is a big deal. I would say if those two things aren’t your major you’ll feel out of place here. With that warning if you are interested in politics or journalism and you have not been here yet, what are you doing? NYUDC is the place you need to be. There are internship opportunities and networking options here that are just not available in New York City or at any of the other abroad sites.

Lizzie Johnson, CAS sophomore, student president of NYUDC and intern at Devine Mulvey Longabaugh.

What motivated you to study in NYUDC?

I decided to study at NYUDC because I am cross-double majoring in Tisch and CAS, and I tend to neglect my CAS major when I’m in New York because film school tends to be more fun and exciting. D.C. seemed like the place to go in order to knock out some of my politics requirements while also getting some valuable internship experience outside of the arts. I also needed to take a break from the city because the constant energy and obligation to be doing something every minute was a little exhausting, so getting out for a semester while still being at NYU was a great choice.

Based on your experiences far, would you recommend this site to another student?

I would definitely recommend studying at NYUDC. There is a wealth of opportunity, and the students who study at the D.C. campus are all so dedicated to their internships and to building their careers. The environment created at the facility and the people who live and work there make being in D.C. all the greater and really encourage you to take advantage of all that D.C. and NYU have to offer while you’re studying away.

What has most surprised you about Washington, D.C. and NYUDC?

I was most surprised by how nice the facilities at NYUDC are. Everything in the residence hall is in really great condition, and it is a really nice area to live in.

Godfre Bayalama, CAS junior and intern at the Raben Group

What motivated you to study in NYUDC?

This might sound kind of weird but the main reason why decided to study in NYUDC is because I wanted to save money on food. Well, my sister lives in Silver Spring Maryland about half an hour from Washington.  Every weekend she drives to NYUDC to  supply me with food. I’m very glad that food is no longer a concern for me this semester.

Based on your experiences far, would you recommend this site to another student?

I would recommend this site to those who want to live in a very clean and nice dorm at least once while at NYU. The rooms are big and the bathrooms are sumptuous. Other than that, I would recommend this site to students who really want to have small classes and build a strong relationship with professors who are leading practitioners in their fields.

What has most surprised you about Washington, D.C. and NYUDC?

I was really surprised by the D.C. super cold weather this winter. One of the other reasons why I wanted to study here is because of the warmer weather compared to New York. I guess I was wrong, it is so cold and super snowy this winter here. As for NYUDC, I was really surprised by the generosity of the program, so far we got lots of free food, free events and free NYUDC stuff.

Daniella Torres, Gallatin sophomore and intern at the National Organization for Women

What motivated you to study at NYUDC?

It was so weird, because originally this was never my first choice. I always wanted to go to NYU Abu Dhabi, but my mom would never let me. She wouldn’t even let me go to school outside of New York City, where I’m from originally. My mom finally agreed to let me study away as long as I remained close, so I chose D.C. I wanted to come to D.C. because I didn’t want to regret not studying away during college — I wanted to live here and feel it out, see if I like it enough to live here again in the future. The classes seemed awesome, and I got offered a really awesome internship, which just convinced me even more to finally attend.

Based on your experiences so far, would you recommend this site to another student?

I’m not sure. I actually hate it here, but I know a lot of people who are having the time of their lives so far. I would say, if you’re very close to your parents, eat specific meals that require Caribbean ingredients, don’t enjoy living in isolated areas, like to go clubbing, shopping, watch a movie or grab a smoke at midnight and know you’re not the only one in the street, don’t come. NYUDC isn’t the place for you. If you can bear with not having those things and you like the internships and classes offered, come, have a blast.

What surprised you most about Washington, D.C. and NYUDC?

I didn’t think I’d regret, but as the days go on I feel more and more inclined to. I thought this was going to be the best semester of my life, which it hasn’t been so far. I’ve learned to explore different parts of the city, and I really like those I’ve been to, and I also didn’t expect living here to be so expensive, even by New York standards.



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