Carlyle Court Residence Hall to close in spring 2016


Shawn Paik

NYU plans to renovate two towers of Carlyle Court Residence Hall in Spring 2016.

Marita Vlachou, News Editor

NYU announced Carlyle Court Residence Hall Towers 1 and 2 will be closed for renovations starting Dec. 23. The construction process is estimated to take about eight months, reopening by Aug. 15, 2016. Tower 3 will be renovated once construction for the first two towers is completed.

Towers 1 and 2 will still be an option for students applying for NYU housing in the next academic year, and especially for students graduating in December 2015 or students who are planning to study abroad in Spring 2016. However, residents of Towers 1 and 2 in Fall 2015 who wish to continue their studies in New York will be given a different housing assignment on campus. Carlyle is located near Union Square and currently accommodates 740 upperclassmen students.

NYU decided to renovate Carlyle after conducting a close inspection of existing facilities and construction needs. As part of the renovation process, electrical systems, plumbing systems, new paint, flooring, furniture, cabinetry and appliances will be updated. Lounge and lobby space will be also be included in the renovation.

LS sophomore Patrick Newell said the renovations at Carlyle are necessary.

“It’s pretty ratty, pretty gross, honestly,” Newell said. “The water in our shower leaked into the hallway once. I think it’s good that they’re renovating.”

LS sophomore Nicholas Lukito said he will not choose to live in Carlyle next year, but he understands the efforts NYU is making to provide housing for all its students.

“I will either choose Gramercy or Lafayette next semester,” Lukito said. “NYU is constantly expanding and needs to be able to accommodate as many students as possible in the safest manner possible. That said, I am sure NYU will do its best to make sure students are housed and that everything runs smoothly.”

Hayden Residence Hall, which closed down for renovations last spring, will reopen in Fall 2015, allowing University Residence Hall and part of Palladium Residence Hall to be reassigned to upperclassmen residents.

After Hayden was closed, NYU had to deal with excess demand for NYU housing. To accommodate students, the university provided living space at the Affinia Hotels.

NYU spokesperson John Beckman said there will probably not be a need for students to be placed into hotel housing in Spring 2016.

“Because we are doing it in the spring — when a lot of students do Study Away — taking the Carlyle Towers offline probably won’t require the use of hotels,” Beckman said.

An email that was sent to NYU students Monday said they will try to minimize any disruption caused by the constructions in Carlyle.

“We are very excited about the planned improvements to Carlyle Court as we continue to enhance our overall student housing stock,” the email reads.

The email also ensured students housing will still be provided for all four years of their studies.

“Students should rest assured that the University will continue to honor its four-year housing guarantee,” the email reads.

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