Michael Costello Fall/Winter 2014

Christopher Minafo for WSN

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Set in the stark white walls of Helen Mills in Chelsea a crowd gathered tingly packed to see what past Project Runway contestant, Michael Costello was bringing to fashion for the Fall/Winter 2014 season.

After Beyoncé wore a white lace dress of Costello’s this past Grammy Awards, high expectations for this collection quickly developed. Fortunately, Costello stuck with his signature style, and the presented a solid, upscale collection.

The collection mostly features form-fitting and low -cut mermaid dresses. From this season as well as from seasons past, it is very clear that Costello understands how to flatter the female form. His decision to implement a low “V” in his formal gowns is something original to his designs.


Costello always seems to find the proper balance to push how much skin is showing while still remaining upscale. The result is striking, sexy, and at the top of many celebrity lists for red carpet looks. Costello’s recent success is well deserved and many are looking forward to see how he continues to wow the public in seasons to come.

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