Odd Spring/Summer 2014

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As the doors swing open and the crowd entered the showroom, eyes immediately adjusted to the darkness of the dungeon-like atmosphere, and ears pick up on the sound of paced breathing that is steadily released from the speakers. All was as expected: Odd.

The models stood perfectly positioned at center stage, looming ominously over the remainder of the dimly lit room below the lobby of Chelsea’s Highline Hotel. Wet, slicked-back hair and natural makeup complement the minimalist, androgynous garments of both the men’s and women’s 90s-inspired outfits.

Key pieces sported by both genders include thin apron-style shirts, kilts, and asymmetrical skirts and vests. This collection seems to focus less on color (all of the pieces are black, white, light brown, or a dark olive tone), and more on texture and material. Fabrics include silk, suede, leather, and lace; pairs of different materials are draped over one another to create a stunningly simplistic visual layering effect. There is a subtle, yet detectable, Asian influence in the collection as well—woven cropped jackets and minimalist sheer dresses for women, and tapered harem pants and clingy long-sleeves for men.

As the show progresses, female models begin to wince in their high heeled matching leather booties, male models begin to sweat under the light of the chandeliers, and the music transitions to a heavily alternative electronic pulse. Overall, Odd released some truly original and avant-garde concepts in this collection, ranging from the use of aprons as garments on both the upper and lower bodies, a unique cracked mosaic pattern featured on both tops and skirts, and lace sweaters and hoodies that masked thin tunics and asymmetrical zipper skirts.

Blair Cannon is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]