LSP freshman to publish ‘Winning No Matter What’ self-help book

Courtesy of Nihar Suthar
Courtesy of Nihar Suthar

While most freshmen spend the first few months of school adjusting to life in college, LSP freshman Nihar Suthar dedicated his time to inspiring others to dream big and make the most of every day.

When Suthar arrived in Greenwich Village last fall, he noticed the number of expressionless people that ride the subway and wanted to develop a way to inspire them. In June, Suthar will release his first book, “Win No Matter What.” The book offers a collection of inspirational true stories and tips for how to improve your mood, attitude and perception of others.

“[‘Winning No Matter What’] is the overlying theme of the entire book,” Suthar said. “It’s about how to improve your everyday living and how to win no matter what happens, no matter what you face.”

Suthar spent five months collecting and writing stories before he signed a book deal in March with Balboa Press, a publishing company that specializes in ins-pirational and self-help books. Suthar had previously started his own self-help company, Hype Up Your Day LLC, which helped lead to the deal.


“[Suthar] has a platform, which is the most important thing for an author,” said Balboa Press brand manager Sandra Powell, referring to Suthar’s self-help company. “So if he’s doing the right things, like getting the information out there, he has a good chance [at having his book sell].”

Suthar started Hype Up Your Day LLC as a Facebook page in high school. He launched it as an official company in 2012. Working with a core team of five people, Suthar uses social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to send out daily inspirational messages.

GLS junior Deborah Soh is part of the social media team that manages the company’s accounts.

“I truly enjoy my work with Hype Up Your Day, as it has allowed me to spread happiness and optimism to people, which in turn has changed the way that I approach my own life,” Soh said.  “Having positive energy in one’s life is very important, and Hype Up Your Day provides that.”

Suthar and his team have been working on ways to spread their positive message to the corporate world by devising plans to offer businesses short and long-term strategies to increase employee motivation, morale and productivity. As part of their corporate packages, the team will host events where professional motivational speakers coach employees on setting goals and becoming leaders.

“The training is going to make [employees] better personally and professionally,” said Kevin Boston-Hill, one of Hype Up Your Day’s motivational speakers. “The motivational part of it will get people excited about work as opposed to thinking it is just another thing they have to do.”

The Hype Up Your Day team is currently marketing their services. This summer, Suthar plans to host showcases in and around New York City as a way to take his startup company to new heights.

“I would like to see [Hype Up Your Day] become big,” Suthar said. “I would like to see us reaching out to as many businesses as we can, inspiring and helping employees around the world.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, May 2 print edition. Deborah Lubanga is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]




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