Lucio Castro Fall/Winter 2013

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Inspired by the dazzling yellow hues that decorate the interior of the Olive Town Courthouse, Lucio Castro’s Fall/Winter 2013 menswear line employed copious stripes and color blocking. The clothes consisted of mostly neutral tones, occasionally flashing a primary colored detailed. During the presentation, the models lined up in front of and behind two large pieces of yellow cellophane, which looked somewhat like hugely magnified caution tape. Each model strutted confidently while music by Ryan Smith played in the background.

A reoccurring pattern of Castro’s line was color blocking and two-toned pieces. Every model wore either cream-yellow or black industrial boots, and wool and cashmere farmer pants, mostly in shades of navy, black, charcoal, cream, khaki, or olive. A few of the pants were styled with two colors – such as a pant that was bright red to just above the knee and charcoal to the foot, and a pair that were navy and yellow in the same style.

Models wore a mix of oxford shirts and sweaters, and some wore fall jackets. There was a mix of heather-brick flanneled shirts and grey oxfords paired with khaki and olive green Quarry Road jackets. Two standout pieces were an electric blue wool and cashmere suit  worn with a charcoal terry sweatshirt underneath, and an all-yellow merino sweater worn with a heather grey flannel. Both pieces were much brighter and vibrant in color than the rest of the fall collection.

In summary, Castro found an elegant and dynamic way to blur the line between colors both vibrant and understated; the finished product was nothing short of masterful.

Hannah Rioseco is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]